Education in Canada

Education in Canada

As we specialize in Canadian immigration law, our company assists students who want to study in Canada as well. Academy-Canada Immigration Consultancy & Education Services (Academy-Canada) has improved itself in delivering education consulting services.

We connect students who wish to study in Canada with Canadian educational institutions using our expertise of the needs of Turkish students and our extensive Canadian experience.

Academy-Canada is based in Toronto Canada and offers services to students via online communication tools as well as its educational consultants located across both in Turkey and Canada.

Our Services

For most students studying abroad is an important decision given the significant investment required in time and cost. It is not easy for most students to select the school abroad that best meets their educational goals. Understanding which institution to choose requires comprehensive information followed by a multidimensional decision making process. We offer students counseling services for their education in Canada and connects them with the right educational institution that will benefit them the most in achieving their educational goals.

Academy-Canada’ consulting services to students include:

  • Gathering information on the Canadian post-secondary institutions and ESL schools;
  • Identifying candidate Canadian institutions that most closely match the student’s needs and expectations;
  • Providing students with thorough information about application processes;
  • Guiding students in preparation of program application documents and ensuring that all required documents are thoroughly completed;
  • Sending application package(s) to preferred institution(s) and facilitating communication between the institution(s) and students during the application process;
  • Assisting students in obtaining appropriate visa and study permits;
  • Ensuring that students are well-prepared for their trip to
  • Continuing to facilitate communications between the educational institution and student after the student arrives Canada.